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Frequently Asked Questions
What You Want to Know About NAASAS

Below are commonly asked questions about NAASAS memberships. If you do not find the information that you desire, feel free to contact us as we are happy to assist you.

What is NAASAS?

NAASAS is an educational learning center that provides informational resources to those in the field of sexuality and the adult novelty industry in order to assist professionals in advancing their careers. We provide education, not just through our own Academy, but also by sharing with our members all of the wonderful educational services that other professionals, businesses and organizations within the industry are offering. We also encourage our members to share their own expertise through educational workshops, webinars and more.

How do I get started with NAASAS?

  • Become a NAASAS member- display our banners and let your consumers know that you are an ethical business and adhere to our code of ethics. You may promote your membership on your marketing materials and even your product packaging.

  • If you sell sexual products in any capacity you may opt to get involved with our Safe Sexual Products Campaign to promote your company as one that fosters consumer education and safe products through our Safe Sexual Products Business Network and be listed on our public directory for consumers to see what companies are affiliated and adhere to a higher standard of excellence.

  • If you are a manufacturer of sexual products, please make sure to check out our Sexual Product Certification Program.

  • Once a NAASAS member, you will be eligible to get educated and certified through the NAASAS Academy, if you so choose. This is not required; rather it is an optional benefit of joining. You will be permitted to take sexual health, adult business and related legal courses that are home study and college level with required text books and exams at your own pace.

  • Membership also provides you with the option of offering your own educational resources and courses to other professionals through our NAASAS Educational Network Program.

How is NAASAS Organized?

Network Program
Safe Sexual
Products Campaign
Agree to our Code of Ethics

Access to online Social Network

Receive special membership discounts through participating businesses.

Able to partake in a variety of education services offered by and through NAASAS.

Able to display the NAASAS logo on your marketing materials and site and link to us to show consumers that you are a reputable business.

You must be a Professional or Executive Member of NAASAS to be listed in one of the directories below-

Offer education in your field of expertise to other professionals or the general public through our-

You must be a Professional or Executive Member of NAASAS to be listed in one of the directories below-

Can I join NAASAS if I live outside the USA?

Absolutely! We invite professionals from all over the world to join our organization. Keep in mind, however, that most of our professional resources are based in the United States.

Is NAASAS a trade association?

NAASAS is an educational association and is not a traditional adult trade association. We are not in competition with any adult trade organization, rather, we work with adult trade organizations that serve the adult industry so that through education, aspiring and established professionals in the field of sexuality may be empowered.

While it is true that any organization that serves professionals within a specific industry can be called a 'trade association' we feel that this term is perhaps not the most descriptive of our organization based on our educational focus and therefore, we refer to ourselves as an educational organization.

Who may join NAASAS?

NAASAS membership is for all professionals in the field of sexuality and adult novelty industry (sexual products) whether they are just starting out or have an established career. See More - NAASAS Membership. The general public and consumers may support NAASAS but are not permitted to become members or access our professional social network.

What are the benefits of NAASAS Membership?

Membership benefits are outlined in the NAASAS Benefits.

Does NAASAS Recruit Members, Affiliates, Consultants or Employees?

Absolutely not. NAASAS does not use our position to recruit consultants or employees from any type of company; including but not limited to Adult Trade Associations and Home Party Companies. NAASAS serves its members as an educational resource and provides this information with the intention of helping, not harming any adult companies or sexual professionals. We also do not assist companies to compete with others and maintain an unbiased, neutral position.

What is the NAASAS Academy?

The NAASAS Academy provides education for established and aspiring business owners in the field of sexuality. Learn more about the NAASAS Academy or if you are interested in traditional, clinical sexual health degrees, you may view our Traditional Sexual Health Educational Directory.

Which NAASAS logo should I display?

We provide a variety of logos for our members and those that simply support our cause. You can use any of the banners we provide or simply link to our site to show your support. Certified members who have attended the NAASAS Academy and graduated will receive special logos that can only be displayed by those that have graduated from our Academy.

Does NAASAS Accept Sponsorships / Advertising?

Please see our most current advertising policies.

Who founded NAASAS?

NAASAS is the vision and creation of Lisa Lawless, Ph.D. who believes passionately in creating a collaborative, educational organization that will serve the greater good of not just the sexual health industry but also society. Lisa has spent hundreds of hours volunteering her time and investing financially in NAASAS in order to advance the field of sexuality.

Is NAASAS a nonprofit organization?

NAASAS is a private organization and academy that is owned by NAASAS founder Lisa Lawless, Ph.D.  It is currently an independent subdivision of her company Holistic Wisdom, Inc. which is an S Corporation that has been in business since June of 2000.


We believe that everyone prospers and wins through the way we approach our organization. We not only create prosperity for our organization which in turn serves our members but we also help our members become prosperous by providing education, networking and ways to enhance their business. We hope that you will join us in and contribute to making positive change and advancements within the field of sexuality and the adult novelty industry a reality.

Contact us if you have further questions.


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