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NAASAS Academy
Certification for Professionals in the Field of Sexuality

The National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS) certifications are designed for professionals who wish to sell intimate lifestyle products by learning specialized inside information about the adult novelty industry. Our certifications help professionals that are just starting out as well as more seasoned processionals such as: adult home party companies and representatives, adult novelty retailers, sex toy manufacturers, sexual health educators, sex therapists and more.

Our program and courses are home study and college level with required ebooks and text books for the required reading and final exams. The best part is that any NAASAS member may apply as there are no prerequisites to take these courses.

Adult Industry  School- NAASAS Academy

NAASAS Certification
Workbook & Exam Available Online with Instant Access

With NAASAS certification you will receive-

  • A printed certificate demonstrating your level of certification attained

  • A digital certification logo to use on your marketing materials & site(s)

  • A digital certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile

  • A unique discount code to redeem on future NAASAS certifications

  • The benefit of marketing your certified qualifications with your consumers

The Business of Pleasure Certification

These courses are most helpful for anyone seeking to create or expand a career in the adult novelty industry as well as those in the field of sexuality such as: sex education, home party, counseling and coaching. What makes these courses so unique is that they focus on what it takes to run a successful business that offers sexual products and services.

While some are already established and are looking to utilize the NAASAS certification as a marketing tool; we feel that reviewing this information will provide helpful information for even seasoned professionals with reminders of information that can sometimes be overlooked as the work of daily fulfillment for orders grows. Refresher training can serve as an excellent means of helping professionals remain up-to-date and fully informed which can be used to optimize a company's existing solutions for enhanced services.

Working in the field of sexuality is one of the most competitive, socially controversial and legally precarious professions in which one can become involved. That is why our courses will not spend time teaching vague business strategies that will not work with an adult based retail business.

  • Once courses are successfully completed, students are provided with certification; which demonstrates education and excellence within the field of sexuality with relation to the adult novelty industry.

  • These courses provide marketable recognition for higher levels of specialized knowledge in sexual health, adult legal and adult novelty business practices.

  • Tuition includes - a study guide, hard copy exams and grading with access to the password protected NAASAS Academy student website.

NAASAS Certification Courses

  • Certifications are awarded to those who apply, study and pass the professional exams provided. You must also adhere to our code of ethics to become certified.

  • Sexual Health and Legal certifications for businesses are encouraged for all employees or consultants who have direct contact with consumers or are responsible for legal and marketing aspects within the adult novelty industry.

  • Employees and consultants can be an enormous liability for companies. NAASAS certifications assist businesses in educating their employees / consultants so that they may better represent the companies of which they are affiliated

Courses include the work
of authors such as-

Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Marty Klein, Ph.D.
Philip D. Harvey
June M. Reinisch, Ph.D.
Ruth Beasley, M.L.S.
Paul Joannides, Psy.D.
Richard A. Posner
Katharine B. Silbaugh
Edward D. Hess
Patrick O'Keefe
Stefanie Iris Weiss
Karen Bedinger
Constance E. Bagley
Ogi Ogas, Ph.D.
Sai Gaddam, Ph.D.
Seth Godin
Lauren Streicher, M.D.
Saul H. Rosenthal, M.D.


  • Eligibility Certification applies to individuals only.

  • Study from home and go at your own pace.

  • To qualify for certification your exam must be completed within a 12 month period.

  • No prerequisites to begin our Professional Certification.

NAASAS Certification Levels

Professional Certification
Expert Certification
Master Certification

This level of certification will provide the most important basics of achieving success in the adult novelty industry. There is only one book that you will need to study which is a specialized manual created just for this program and it will be provided for you through electronic delivery instantly. This is a must have certification for any professional wanting to understand how to build a solid foundation in the adult industry.

The Expert program explores sexual product, sexual health and sex education trends and explores a variety of low-cost ways to deliver your services and products. There will be multiple books assigned for reading which you will need to purchase in addition to a specialized manual just for this program that will be provided for you. The certification level is key for making your mark in the pleasure product industry.

The Master program features how different businesses work with one another and how one can begin specializing in unique niche areas with mainstream businesses. In addition sexual product manufacturing and distribution is covered. There will be multiple books assigned for reading which you will need to purchase in addition to a specialized manual just for this program that will be provided for you.

Once you complete the required reading for any of the certification programs you will be provided with an exam which you will need to achieve a score of 80% or higher in order to pass. Once you have passed you will receive your NAASAS certification diploma for the appropriate level and access to electronic certification marketing logos to use.

Examples of Information That Will Be Covered

  • Learn Pros & Cons of Adult Novelty Turn-key Sites

  • Trends in the Sexual Products Industry

  • Learn Common Mistakes Newbies Make

  • Get Helpful Marketing Tips & Resources

  • Learn About Free Advertising Resources

  • Explore a Social Media Tutorial for Adult Novelty Businesses

  • Get Tips for Getting Better Sales Conversions

  • Understand Sex Toy Classifications

  • Get Information on Different Types of Adult Novelty Businesses

  • Professional & Personal Insights from Author

  • Adult Novelty Franchise Brick & Mortar Information

  • Adult Novelty Trade Shows

  • Sexual Health Educational & Credentialing Resources
  • Access to Professional Sex Toy Reviewers & Bloggers Directory

  • Get a List of Top Selling Sex Toy Lines

  • Enjoy Tips for Being a Successful Entrepreneur

  • Learn How to Establish Trust with Consumers

  • Receive Website & SEO Tips

  • Get Web Hosting Recommendations

  • Understand Keys to a Successful Adult Business

  • Learn Key Legal Issues

  • Get Specific Industry Reputable Resources

  • Avoid Practicing Medicine without a License

  • Financial Examples of Other Successful Retailers

  • Sex Toy Manufacturing Marketing, Packaging & Tips

  • Demonstration Aids for Adult Sex Educators

NAASAS Accreditation Subjects

Sexual Health
Adult Novelty Legal
Adult Novelty Business

While there are many resources for learning sex tips, NAASAS provides sexual health information with additional instruction to aspiring or established professionals on how to teach such information accurately while maintaining legal and ethical boundaries specifically for those selling sexual products. Each student learns how to avoid using language that may cause legal ramifications by being accused of practicing medicine or therapy without a license. Special focus of when to refer to a physician or licensed therapist is also covered.

The adult novelty industry is one of the most sensitive fields to work in when it comes to legal issues and is why NAASAS students study the legalities that pertain to their profession today. In addition, special focus on landmark legal cases in the field of sexuality with historical examples of sexual pioneers that have been persecuted will be reviewed. This certification will assist students in better understanding the laws regarding sexuality and how they can affect anyone that works for or has a business in the adult novelty industry and field of sexuality.

Learn effective sexual oriented marketing practices, business etiquette as well as how to ensure your personal and professional safety whether you are an entrepreneur or work for an adult company. Explore how to deal with the social stigma of working for or running an sexually oriented business and find helpful resources that allow you to market online through social media, forums and blogs while still adhering to the Federal Commission (FTC) guidelines of posting information.

Sexual Health Education Federal & State Resources Marketing Practices
Therapy Regulations Legal Representation Business Etiquette
Sex & Nutrition Confidentiality Ethical Marketing
Teaching vs. Selling Rights Social Media
Eco Sex Avoiding Practicing Medicine Reputation & Referrals
Basic Counseling Skills Releases Dealing with Social Stigma
Sex Toy Toxins Title 18 & 2257 Regulations Staying Informed
Types of Sex Toys & Uses Copyright / Fair Use Helpful Resources

NAASAS Academy Fees

Once our courses are available we will be providing financial information.

  • Exams are provided to each student once they enroll for NAASAS courses. Each student must complete each exam and return it to NAASAS for grading. Further instructions are available on the NAASAS Academy student website.

  • Required text book costs are not included in tuition.


See NAASAS Academy FAQs & Overview

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* If you are interested in clinical degrees in sexuality, we have provided colleges and universities that currently provide such education.


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