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Get Involved
How You Can Join the NAASAS Movement

If you have taken time to look around our site you know that we are here to provide amazing educational resources for those in the field of sexuality, specifically when related to adult novelties. To expand and make our community stronger we need you to spread the word about us which you can do in a variety of ways as outlined throughout this page.

The key to making positive change and advancing anything in life is first done through awareness and that is why it is so important that we get word out about our organization, so please take a little time to spread the news about us.

Through our unity, we bring advancements to the field sexuality by lifting the industry to a higher level of professionalism; thus, allowing the world to feel safer with our products & services.

NAASAS Members

Ways to Spread The Word

  • Like us and link to us on Facebook

  • Blog about us on blogs (Blogspot & Wordpress, etc.)

  • Mention us in forums like Reddit

  • Email your colleagues about us

  • Mention us on sites like Yahoo Answers or Answerbag

  • Link to our articles from your own site

  • Sign up for our FREE newsletter

  • Get creative! Find other ways to get the word out


Link To Us

One of the most powerful measures of a good web site in terms of search engines is how many web sites are linking to it. If you have a web site, or even are visiting an online bulletin board or blog, take a minute to share a link to our web site. Whether you link to a certain page in our web site, such as an article you want to share with others or even just our home page; every link to us helps us come up in our rankings on the search engines and in turn allows more people to see our web site.

Some of our most active members heard about us on chat rooms, bulletin boards, and one page web sites... so linking to us really helps!

For those with web sites, should you desire banners, pictures or other text to promote our site, feel free to contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to provide it.

Also see our premade NAASAS logos for your website.

Event Marketing

We are happy to provide sample products, business cards and more to businesses who agree to promote us. If you have a business, trade show booth or even a home party and you would like to help market our products and services, please let us know. You can also request to purchase T-shirts and hats and see them at our Cafe Press store.

Word of Mouth

Of course the best way to help get the word out is to tell people about our site. If you would like free business cards to hand out to people, simply let us know how many you would like and we will of course send them to you for free. Just make sure you use them only for adults and in appropriate situations.

Also, if you think of appropriate places such as a local adult store to hang a flyer we can provide those to you. In addition, if you know of an adult store, a person that does home parties or other adult gathering, retreat, etc. those are also great places to let know about us.

Your Feedback

We are always looking for comments and suggestions for our organization. One of the best types of suggestions we get are for educational resources from our members so if you know someone who offers such services let us know about them and vice versa.

Visit Us Again

We hope that if you have any ideas or suggestions you will provide them as we really do want your feedback. Most importantly, make sure to visit our web site for updated resources.

You can also sign up for our FREE newsletter and of course become a NAASAS Member.



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