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NAASAS Educational Network Program
Help Others by Teaching What You Know

NAASAS is looking for experts in the field of sexuality with information that pertains to and affects both professionals and consumers in the the adult novelty industry.

Your services or information may focus on a variety of areas such as sexual health, sexual techniques and beyond, however, all resources we provide referrals to must offer related educational resources to established and aspiring professionals within adult novelty industry.

If you offer consulting, a workshop, classes, an educational ebook or other form of informative resource for our NAASAS members, please contact us to further explore how we may collaborate with you to offer your services after you review the information below-

Holiday / Sliquid  Seminiar

Submit Your Educational Proposal
Submit Your Service

You will need to contact us and propose what you want to offer as an educational service to NAASAS members. Your submission must adhere to our guidelines. You may choose to submit access to your services or you may provide an outline of what you are offering.

We encourage that you provide incentives or discounts off your services to our NAASAS members, however, it is not required.

We can provide you with a non-compete and confidentiality legal agreement if you desire it before sharing any of your work as we are an association you can trust.

NAASAS Educational Review
We Will Review It

Your submissions will be reviewed and you will be provided with a reply within two weeks of your submission and will be advised as to whether or not you have been approved.

If denied, you may revise and submit one additional time for consideration.

Teach Aspiring Professionals In The Adult Industry
Approvals Are Posted

If approved, we will contact you to review how your listing will appear and display it for all NAASAS members to consider through such pages as-

The product or service that you are offering must be able to be purchased through your own website.

Please note that you must sign up to be a Professional or Executive Member
in order to offer your services through NAASAS.

The following are a few delivery methods for you to consider offering-

In-Person Consultations
Phone / Video Conferencing Consults
Online Streaming Video

Online Courses
Local Educational Classes

You must offer your educational service on your own website or web page for us to link to through our site. If you do not have a website and want one, you can start a blog page for free through WordPress or Google's Blogger and advertise it there with information on how to contact you. You can also use template builders such as Homestead, These types of web services do not require any technical experience. You can also set up a PayPal account to accept payments if you do not have a merchant account.

Examples of subjects to teach adult professionals-

Sexual Health Education

How to Provide Sex Related Lectures

Sex Toy Education for Professionals

Adult Novelty Industry Trends

Adult Novelty Industry Law

STD / HIV & AIDS Prevention & Education

How To Use Delivery Technology

Basic Counseling Skills for Adult Businesses

Promoting Sex Toys & Products

Adult Novelty Industry Trends

Creating Your Own Product Line

Making Yours The Best Sex Toy Parties

Protecting Children From Adult Content

How to Choose a Career in the field of Sexuality

Sexual Techniques & Advice

Marketing for Adult Businesses

Title 18 & 2257 Regulation Education

Sexual Education Courses

Internet Businesses- Making Your Mark

Sex Toy Inventions- Consulting Services

Tips for Working in the Adult Novelty Industry

Internet Marketing

Successful Sex Toy Parties

Internet Business Development

How To Succeed In Adult Business

Search Engine Optimization


If you are interested in submitting your educational resource(s) to our members, please contact us and we will let you know how you can get started.


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