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Educational Criteria
Guidelines for NAASAS Educators

In order for us to link to your educational resources, we simply need you to send us a description in the form of a paragraph and a link to the site or web page where our members can get more information and sign up for your educational services. If you have a specific picture or logo that you would like us to use, feel free to send us that for consideration.

We will require that your educational offerings meet the following criteria-

General Guidelines

You must be a NAASAS member to submit your educational services. See membership options.

Your educational services must benefit those who are in the business of sexual products such as: adult home party companies and representatives, adult retailers, adult distributors, sex toy manufacturers, adult legal organizations, sexual health educators, sex therapists, physicians, nurses and more.

Educational submissions must be geared toward other established or aspiring professionals. We are not currently accepting educational resources for the general public or consumers.

You must be a knowledgeable, credible professional in the field of sexuality or the adult novelty industry and have been doing business as such for at least 2 years.

Your educational offerings must be of quality and respectfully empower your students in a positive manner and may in no way cause harm to anyone for any reason.

You must provide upfront fee explanations and provide adequate information for consumers to fully understand what they are receiving when they elect to purchase your educational service(s).

You may not offer any advice that is illegal for your students.

You may not submit an article as an educational program. A series of articles may be considered.

Submissions will be services that offer educational resources and will not solely serve as an attempt to market products, unless they too are educational.

Your services must adhere to the NAASAS code of ethics.

You must do spelling and grammatical editing of your educational offerings. Any submissions that do not meet these criteria will be rejected. If you are not confident in your writing skills, have someone who is qualified edit your work before you submit it for acceptance to us. Not doing so will be a demonstration that you are not ready for this program.


Technical Guidelines

You may not use code that does not allow visitors to use the back button and forces them to stay on your website.

You may not use unblockable pop-ups.


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