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Safe Sexual Products Campaign
Professionals Working for Safer Sexual Products

NAASAS has formed a coalition for safe and nontoxic sexual products, such as personal lubricants and sex toys. Chemicals can adversely affect our health even at low doses, and health risks to consumers are something all ethical businesses must address. In addition, the need for safety seal packaging by sex toy manufacturers to prevent the resale of used sex toys is imperative for the prevention of STDs and other health risks.

The apparent solution is only to use nontoxic materials when manufacturing sexual products. However, beyond that, it is essential that we also improve the listing of specific materials used in sexual products to allow consumers to avoid materials that may cause allergic reactions.

When consumers don't have access to the full list of ingredients or materials in sexual products, they cannot make safe and informed choices. Education and disclosure by sellers and manufacturers and precautionary manufacturing is an achievable goal that we must all strive to ensure the health and well-being of consumers and employees.

Examples of Safer Sex Toys:

  • Make packaging a priority with clear instructions for consumers to use safely.

  • Include health warnings: i.e., Warning consumers to not use phallic products for anal use without a flared base to prevent the inability to remove it; Pacemaker warnings for electrostimulation sex toys, etc.

  • Define what is waterproof versus what is water resistant.

  • Advertise and follow up with manufacturer warranties.

  • Make products using nontoxic and body safe materials.

  • Bring ecofriendly products to market that have a less harmful impact on the environment and can be recycled.

  • Conform to E.U. Directives.

  • Use RoHS and WEEE standards for motors.

Two Ways Your Business May Participate in this campaign:

You must be a Professional or Executive Member of NAASAS to be listed in one of the directories below:

Increase Business & Be Part of the New Sexual Health Shift

For years now, a shift has been occurring in the adult novelty and sexual product market. Manufacturers and sellers have seen and, in many cases, met the demand for higher end products that pamper consumers and are particularly attractive to women and couples. You can also see the drastic shift in their acceptability by society through the media promotion of such products on television through networks like Oprah's OWN Network and shows such as Dr. Oz and more. In addition, more and more media coverage through news articles and even promotion of sexual products in movies are occurring.

Healthier Products

There has also been a shift to promote healthier sexual products by using better, nontoxic materials such as medical-grade silicone, Pyrex glass, stainless steel, food-grade vinyl, and nontoxic elastomers. In addition, there has been the removal of known carcinogens such as phthalates, parabens, and petroleum from products to make them healthier.

New Marketing Techniques

This shift in focus toward safety has brought to the table new sales and marketing opportunities for those who are looking to address consumer sexual health needs. It can be seen through the promotion of products that address medical issues such as sexual dysfunction, reproductive challenges, and even benefiting such health needs as pelvic floor muscle (Kegel) development, which aids in increased sexual pleasure and addresses urinary incontinence.

A New Consumer Trend

When sexual products first came onto the market, they were often sold through adult stores that many women and couples were intimidated to venture into. With the growth of web-based businesses, the ability to purchase discreetly shifted how products were sold. This also opened the doors to a different approach to market these products by introducing adult boutiques and home party companies bringing sex toy parties to consumers' homes and catering to women and couples with more fun and flirty approach to sexual products becoming the norm.

In the evolution of sexual products, we are now seeing an even newer trend, focusing on health. Consumers that never purchased sexual products before are now doing so because of the improved product functioning, discreet packaging, and healthier and higher quality materials being used. But most importantly, consumers are now becoming interested in sexual products due to their ability to address sexual and generalized health issues, including mental health. Presenting sexual wellness products provides the sexual product (adult novelty) industry with the mutual achievements of helping people and high-profit margins, making this industry a positive and life-enhancing one.

In addition, the increase in Baby Boomer sales from those over the age of fifty-five has been significant over the last several years, and it is a clear demonstration of this shift in mentality. In addition, sales through the medical and mental health community are also increasing, further demonstrating that even health care professionals are recommending and, in some cases selling sexual products to their patients and clients.

The Next Stage

With all of these advancements, it was inevitable that an official organization would begin developing nontoxic product manufacturing, promotion, and education, and the NAASAS Safe Sexual Products Campaign is that coalition. By joining together, we become better educated, unify our efforts and advocate on behalf of consumers for healthier products while simultaneously increasing sales and making the sexual products industry one of the most health positive, influential, and profitable career choices.


Possible Future Program:

Have a Product Tested
If you are a manufacturer, you can have a product tested through the NAASAS Sexual Product Certification



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