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NAASAS Sexual Product Certification

As an organization that focuses on sexual health we are strong advocates for safe, nontoxic, sexual products. This is a new pilot program that we are proposing in order to determine if it is feasible to create a Safe Sexual Products Business Directory. We are very interested in feedback to know if you think it is worth doing, if you foresee problems with such a program and if you would be supportive of such a program. Please take a few moments to contact us to let us know your thoughts as we are hoping that we can provide a positive service that would be helpful to the adult novelty industry and consumers.

Our mission is to identify the adult novelty manufacturers that provide safe sexual products for our online consumer directory while assisting manufacturers in increasing positive public perception by being willing to demonstrate transparency through independent testing.

Why Independent Certification is Beneficial-

There has been an increased desire by consumers for safer sexual products within the adult novelty industry due to increased education about toxins as well as through the observations of other industries that are demonstrating increased focus on such safety issues. For example the food industry now provides such labels as the Non-GMO Project, USDA Organic, Whole Grain and other labels, as well as the health supplement industry which now has private 3rd party verification programs such as NSF International and Consumer Lab, LLC.

There has been some consideration for a labeling system, however, after some deliberation, we felt that a labeling system would not be an effective way to make positive change for safety in the adult novelty industry as it is not cost effective to test all the materials in the thousands of sexual products on the market. In addition, companies that submitted products and had them certified as nontoxic may have more marketability once labeled than other products that are nontoxic and are of the same quality, thus, making this process unfair and potentially damaging to not just manufacturers but resellers.

As there are limited regulations for materials used in adult novelties, resellers and consumers have had to depend on product material descriptions by manufacturers. Some manufacturers have attempted transparency by listing the major materials used in their products, yet, in many cases the descriptions are vague or nonexistent and in some cases may be inaccurate.

Proposed Pilot Program

Lab Testing & Certification

NAASAS has founded a third-party verification program using a lab which is ISO 17025 accredited and FDA registered allowing manufacturers of sexual products to have a product independently evaluated for materials and ingredients used and to receive certification that they have passed safety and quality standards in order to reassure consumers that their products are safe for sexual use.

More Information About Our
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Product Verification Directory

Manufacturers that have gone above and beyond expectation by listing materials used in their products as well as providing product education and safety labeling are still faced with consumers who are unsure if they should trust what a manufacturer is saying about their own products. Independent testing demonstrates that a manufacturer is providing extra assurances to consumers that they are transparent and trustworthy. Evidence suggests that companies who are earnest in creating opportunities for transparency have greater sales and customer loyalty.

In situations where manufacturers are being accused of falsely claiming their products are made from certain materials or that they are nontoxic, it is typically not a case of intentional deception; rather it is often because of false information and promises that were made by overseas producers of the manufacturer's products. This is particularly worrisome as it violates consumer trust and potentially their safety. In addition, the liability falls on the manufacturer who puts their brand on the packaging when they may not even be aware of the issue causing harm to their business both through loss of a positive reputation and financially through loss of sales and potential lawsuits.

In some cases sexual health activists are encouraging consumers to take legal action against such incidences. Thus, there is mounting pressure through increased consumer awareness for manufacturers to demonstrate accuracy in material descriptions and to ensure that their products are safe and that the materials that are being used are indeed nontoxic.

The goal of the NAASAS Safe Sexual Products Campaign is to empower consumers as well as to collaborate and show support to the adult novelty industry and that is why we are taking this effort seriously but also proceeding slowly and carefully by contacting and reviewing this proposal with many of the sex toy manufacturers in order to ensure that no harm is caused and that the goal of educational awareness based on factual information and the focus on safer sexual products is achieved.

How Does the Safe Sexual Products Business Directory Work?

NAASAS proposes that manufacturers have one of their products lab tested to be able to be listed on the Safe Sexual Products Business Network Directory where consumers and resellers can see that they are participating in the movement toward safe sexual products.

  • This lab testing provided by NAASAS ensures that the sexual product submitted by the manufacturer to be tested does not contain unacceptable levels of toxins. Once the product is certified as safe, the manufacturer may be listed in the Safe Sexual Products Business Network Directory as having participated in the program.

  • If a product is not able to be certified as nontoxic in that it contains such things as phthalates, it will simply not be listed in our certification directory as we will only publish the names of businesses that have participated and passed. There will be no blacklists.

  • Manufacturers request the testing of their own products by paying for lab costs through our voluntary testing program.

  • We are currently considering whether or not we will be doing a random product selection or if we will be allowing the manufacturer to choose which product to submit.

  • The NAASAS third-party verification program will be using a lab which is ISO 17025 accredited and FDA registered.

Independent Testing and Certification Helps Manufacturers to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with industry quality standards and consumer safety expectations.

  • Increase credibility and acceptance with resellers and consumers which can expedite the buyer acceptance process.

  • Develop and maintain brand protection.

  • Provide third-party, independent, verified assurances to consumers of quality, safety and performance.

  • Demonstrate independent validation of their commitment to safety and quality.

  • Benefit from enhanced product quality and safety by having their products verified to be what the producer of their products promised them.

  • Have consumers be able to verify that your company has submitted a product that has passed certification requirements.

NAASAS Certification -

To address safety concerns for consumers NAASAS provides:

  • Toxicology Risk Assessments
    GC/MS - Qualitative identification of volatile and semi volatile components (phthalates, monomers, solvents, etc.)
    XRF - Semiquantitative testing for metals/inorganic materials- heavy metals; similar to a RoHS screen.

  • Material Identification & Verification
    FTIR Analysis - Identification of the material type: (Urethane, silicone, PVC, etc.)

Once a Product is Certified for Quality & Safety Manufacturers Receive:

  • Official certified documentation of lab results from independent testing.

  • Approval to post participation in this program on all written and electronic materials including websites.

How to Submit Your Product(s) for NAASAS Certification-

Our program is in the beginning stages of development. Please contact us for more information.


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