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Safe Sexual Products Business Network
Businesses for Safe Sexual Products

Manufacturers, retailers, sexual product companies, home party owners & representatives as well as other members of the sexual and adult novelty industry can join the Safe Sexual Products Business Network.

By joining this network we will report what efforts your company is making to provide safe sexual products whether it be education, labeling, testing, etc. to be listed in our Safe Sexual Products Business Directory; allowing both professionals and consumers to see your company shine when it comes to ensuring safe sexual products.

Become Part of a Global Movement

If you provide safe and nontoxic sexual products and/or education about them then join us to become part of a global movement that empowers consumers and keeps them safe and healthy. The NAASAS Safe Sexual Products Campaign is a coalition that works to provide education and resources for those making a difference by selling and manufacturing nontoxic sexual products.

Join us as we work with future focused companies that are changing the way that consumers think about sexual products. In the past, sexual products were thought of as cheap novelties, however, a new movement and shift is occurring where businesses are meeting the demands of consumers to provide healthier sexual products.

What Your Business Will Do as a Network Member-

Companies that join our Safe Sexual Products Business Network support our mission and will work with us to do the following:

  • Support the development of safe nontoxic sexual products.

  • Provide consumers with accurate product information.

  • Provide access to safe sexual products.

  • Promote your affiliation with NAASAS to demonstrate to your consumers that your business is doing its best to provide safe, nontoxic products and information to empower them to make healthy choices.

  • Link to on your website and let people know you're a Business Network member.

  • Share helpful educational information on the importance of safe sexual products with consumers, suppliers and friends through whatever means you communicate with them such as: blogs, forums, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

  • Help to promote this cause through media resources such as magazines, television and other means of communicating this important message.


How We Benefit Your Business & Improve Your Bottom Line

Companies that join our Safe Sexual Products Business Network will receive the following support from us:

  • Your company will be highlighted on our Safe Sexual Products Business Directory as a NAASAS member and part of the Safe Sexual Products Business Network.

  • We will provide you with educational resources to provide helpful information for your business.

  • You will be able to demonstrate and establish trust with your consumers through your affiliation and adherence to a higher standard of excellence.

Ready to Join? Contact us for more information.


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