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Sexual Health Education Resources
Traditional Sexual Health Educational Directory

If you are interested in obtaining a degree as a Sexual Health Therapist or would like to receive accredited educational resources, we have provided a list of current educational institutions that provide degrees and more in human sexuality.


Professional Education Programs

The Masters & Johnson Institute
St. Louis, MO
While they do not currently have an academic program, they do provide training programs involving workshops and internships that focus on the recovery from sexual trauma.

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Piscataway, NJ
Post-graduate training in relationships and sex therapy. Offers a week-long sexuality course that is 40 hours and can count as a graduate credit if the student writes a paper.

Rutgers University
Post-Graduate Training Program in Sex Therapy - Department of Psychiatry / Medical School
Piscataway, NJ
Provides a 10-month course that meets for two hours on weekly. Provides both assessment and treatment of all sexual dysfunctions.

Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT
Graduate course in Human Sexuality.



Undergraduate Programs

San Francisco State University Program in Human Sexuality
San Francisco, CA
Undergraduate minor in Human Sexuality and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender areas.

California State University - Human Sexuality Program - Center for Sex Research
Northridge, CA
Undergraduate minor in human sexuality which involves cross-discipline studies. An internship and fieldwork are required.

University of Quebec - Department of Sexology
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
B.A., M.A. - sexology which focuses on sex education. Master’s level encompasses sex therapy and research, plus more advanced sex education.



Graduate Programs

Columbia University - Mailman School of Public Health
New York, NY
M.P.H. - sexuality and health degree that provides students with skills needed to address health issues, i.e.: reproductive health and child and adolescent health as it relates to sexuality through interdepartmental studies. Students applying for this program are expected to have worked for 2 years in the field of public health on a paid or volunteer basis.

Hofstra University - Interdisciplinary Studies/Marriage & Family Counseling
New York, NY
M.A. - interdisciplinary studies - marriage & family counseling with certification. Provides skills needed for marriage & family counseling and introduces students to sexuality education, counseling and research.

Indiana University - Kinsey Institute
Bloomington, IN
Ph.D. minor - human sexuality; majors include counseling, education, health behavior, psychology, and sociology. Offers research programs investigating a variety of sex topics and a summer institute for students who are not involved with the university. Houses one of the largest library holdings on human sexuality, as well as a sexuality art museum. Hosts seminars on sexuality and holds special events.

Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
San Francisco, CA
M.A., MPH, Ed. D., Ph.D., DHS (Doctor of Human Sexuality), plus certification options - human sexuality. Trains sexologists and offers long-distance learning. Also, the Master’s program allows students to travel to Paris or China for a cultural perspective on public health.

San Francisco State University Program in Human Sexuality
San Francisco, CA
M.A. - human sexuality. Provides foundation for sex counseling, teaching and research. Specializes in gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies. Houses the Institute on Sexuality, Social Inequality, and Health, the National Sexuality Resource Center, and the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality and has a summer institute.

University of Connecticut
Center for HIV Intervention & Prevention Psychology Department
Storrs, CT
M.A., Ph.D. - social psychology with a specialization in HIV prevention. Conducts HIV risk dynamics and prevention research.

University of Guelph - Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
M.Sc. - couple and family therapy; Ph.D. - family relations and human development. Emphasizes child / adolescent development, social / personality development, parent-child relations, social gerontology, human sexuality, and marriage / family therapy.

University of Hawaii - Human Sexuality Program
Department of Social Work; Pacific Center for Sex and Society - Department of Anatomy and Reproductive Biology
Honolulu, HI
M.A., Ph.D. - specializes in human sexuality counseling Houses the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, which provides research opportunities.

University of Minnesota - Department of Family Social Science
St. Paul, MN
M.A., Ph.D. - family social science; M.F.T. certification for clinical track.
Specializes in marriage / family and sex therapy.

University of New Brunswick - Department of Psychology
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Ph.D. - psychology
Prepares students for clinical or experimental psychology involving human sexuality.

University of Quebec - Department of Sexology
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
B.A., M.A. - sexology Focuses on sex education. Master’s level encompasses sex therapy and research, plus more advanced sex education.

University of Utah - Department of Psychology
Salt Lake City, UT
Ph.D. - clinical psychology
Emphasizes human sexuality in research and clinical work.

University of Wisconsin - Departments of Psychology & Sociology
Madison, WI
Ph.D. - psychology or sociology
Focuses on human sexuality, especially sex research. Is part of a consortium where a student may study at University of Chicago, University of Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Widener University - Human Sexuality Program
Wayne, PA
M.Ed., Ed.D. - human sexuality education/clinical sexuality
Prepares professionals for sex education, consulting, research, and counseling. Also offers joint degree programs with Social work or Clinical Psychology. Program is both distance and work friendly in that human sexuality courses are offered on weekends. One semester course is generally two weekends. Also provides opportunity to study abroad.



Internship & Post-Doctoral Programs

University of California
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies San Francisco, CA Grants traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies.

University of Minnesota - Department of Family Practice & Community Health
Minneapolis, MN
Fellowships in human sexuality, dysfunction and disease prevention for post-doctorates in clinical psychology. Conducts sexuality research, provides sex education, offers clinical services for sexual and relationship problems, and promotes community sexual health via community health initiatives. Houses the Center for Sexual Health and the Center for HIV / STI Intervention & Prevention Studies.



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