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Sex Toy Distributor List
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Buy Wholesale Sex Toys & More

If you want to sell sex toys and other related adult products retail you are going to need to find a reputable adult novelty distributor that can provide your adult business with products to sell via wholesale, drop ship, data feed or through a white label site. Even if you opt to go direct with some sex toy manufacturers there are some that will not sell directly to retailers so you it is a good idea to establish a wholesale account with an adult novelty distributor.

Sell Sex Toys & More To Adult Novelty Distributors

If you are selling your own sexual product(s) then you are going to want to explore pitching your sex toy or adult product to adult novelty distributors who can get your adult product(s) on the market quickly and sold through thousands of both adult and mainstream businesses.


The Ultimate Adult Novelty Distributor Directory & Guide

We have put together the most comprehensive adult novelty distributor directory in the pleasure product industry for you so that you may review what each distributor offers as well as get important information you will need in order to choose which one(s) you will be working with and how to best contact them.

Information Provided Through This Directory & Guide

Quick Tips Covering These Topics
Top Recommended Distributors
  • How To Use Adult Novelty Distributors for Your Business

  • Pitching Your Product To Adult Novelty Distributors

  • Important Information Before You Contact A Distributor

  • Getting In the Door For An Account Or A Product Pitch

  • The Power of Negotiating

  • Using Distributors for Private Labeling

  • Learn About Turnkey, White Label & Store Extender Sites

  • Features A Sex Toy Turnkey Site Offers?

  • Traffic To My Turnkey Site

  • Adult Sex Toy Affiliate Programs

  • Understanding Data Feeds

  • Drop Ship Program vs. Wholesale Program

  • Resellers License And How To Acquire One
  • Wholesale Sales / Minimum Order Requirements

  • Criteria for Resellers (Retailers)

  • Drop Ship Services / Fees

  • White Label / Store Extender / Turnkey Programs

  • Data Feed Options

  • Sales Department Contacts

  • Buyer Contacts

  • Special Offers or Services: (i.e. gift wrap, discounts, etc.)

  • Average Turnaround Time For Shipping

  • Return Policies

  • Product Submission Guidelines

  • Educational Services Offered

  • Trade Shows Typically Attended

Reviews of Top Wholesale Distributors Both In The USA & Internationally


Please note before you download this manual that it is copyright protected and is monitored through Copyscape. It also contains an electronic watermark that will alert us to it being shared without our permission. When you purchase this manual you may use the information for your own personal and professional education. However, you do not have permission to share, distribute or post this information. Failure to comply will cause us to proceed with legal action. Penalties are up to five years in jail; fines and charges are up to $150,000 per file. Thank you in advance for respecting our intellectual property.


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This is a must for anyone who needs a solid foundation and building blocks in creating a sex toy business. Enjoy specialized inside information in the adult novelty business. Perfect for budding professionals that are just starting out such as adult home party companies and representatives, adult novelty retailers, sex toy manufacturers, sexual health educators, sex therapists and more.



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