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Professional Adult Product Reviews
Have Your Sexual Product Reviewed & Evaluated
Avoid Costly Mistakes & Find Out How Your Product Rates

If you are an aspiring or existing manufacturer of sexual products it is important for you to know what retailers, distributors, and your consumers expect in terms of performance, quality, packaging, marketing and information regarding your product.
Whether your sensual product is yet to be launched or is already on the market it is imperative to get honest and detailed feedback for you to be successful.

Our team of knowledgeable adult novelty professionals provide a thorough analysis of products through the lens of all levels of the adult industry: distributors, retailers, party plan companies & consumers.

Let our seasoned adult novelty industry professionals review your product(s) providing you with valuable insights such as these:

  • Packaging Imagery & Details

  • Packaging Security

  • Sizing Categories

  • Color Marketing & Branding

  • Powering Up

  • Special Charging Concerns

  • Remote Control Information

  • Instructions

  • Power Rating

  • Noise Level

  • Functions
  • Travel Locks or Special Ways To Turn On & Off

  • Niche Appeal

  • Professional Tips For Display

  • Materials & Ingredients

  • Lubricants, Storage & Cleaning

  • Nontoxic & Green Marketing

  • Shipping & Release Dates

  • Quality Testing

  • Stand By Your Sellers & Consumers

  • Approaching Distributors & Retailers

  • Historical Issues With Related Products

Examples Of What A Sex Toy or Sensual Product Professional Review Entails

  • Receive Feedback on Your Product Packaging

  • Detailed Analysis On Your Overall Product Design

  • Recommendations To Avoid Mistakes

  • Receive Tips On How To Present Your Product

  • Professional Networking Referrals Provided

  • Make Your Product More Consumer Friendly

  • Explore Ways To Increase Consumer Loyalty

  • Ideas On How To Get Better Sales Conversions

  • Recommendations For Improvements

  • Marketing Recommendations

Don't Wait For Bad Customer Reviews

Every adult manufacturer thinks their sex-related or romantic product(s) will sell or they would not have bothered making it in the first place. However, many don't even make it into the hands of distributors or retailers, let alone perform well with customers and bad online sex toy reviews can devastate product sales.

Learn if your product has what it takes to make it in this highly competitive industry today!

Examples Of The Types Of Products We Review

  • Sex Toys: Vibrators, Dildos, etc.

  • Sexual Health Products: Kegel, ED, Dilators, etc.

  • Romantic Products: Massage Oils, Teasers, etc.

  • Bedroom Gear: Sex Position Pillows, Throws, etc.

  • Personal Lubricants: Stimulating, Waterbased, etc.
  • Sex Toy Storage

  • BDSM Gear

  • Adult Games

  • Adult Novelty Products: Gag Gifts

  • Sexual Hygiene: Shaving, Genital Hygiene, etc.


What Happens Once You Order

  • We will contact you within 24 hours via email to let you know that we have received your Product Review request with further instructions on how to proceed.

  • We are happy to complete a standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for you prior to your shipping your product for review.

  • You will be sending your product for review to our corporate office. Once it arrives your product will be reviewed by our entire team of adult novelty industry experts. We have a seasoned team that has both male and female professionals whom all have many years in the adult novelty industry and who will be looking at all aspects of your product to provide you with valuable insights and feedback.

  • You may send products in various colors but reviews are limited to one type of product per order.

  • Your review will be provided in writing within 10 business days upon receipt with recommendations by our professional team via email and you will be provided with a complimentary one-hour consultation with our founder Dr. Lisa Lawless after it is sent to address any questions or concerns that you may have with regard to the review.

  • You are welcome to request that we ship your product(s) back to you once the review is complete. If you would like us to have a real customer try your product and provide insights in addition to our professional review you are welcome to send two samples of your product for this option. Keep in mind the customer testing option allows the customer to keep the product sample in exchange for their review. Customer can also be required to sign an NDA.

  • If there are any changes made to your product after it is reviewed we will address those changes with a one-time complimentary follow up via email on those changes. If you desire additional feedback beyond a one-time follow-up email we are happy to continue providing additional analysis for you through the advanced session consultations program.


Please note that we do not provide legal advice and any legal concerns that you may have with regard to proper classification, patents, marketing and selling of your product should be reviewed by a licensed attorney who has specific knowledge about the adult novelty industry.

In addition, while we do not do lab testing; should you require independent lab testing to ensure the safety of your product(s) we can refer you to a reputable, adult-friendly lab used by many professionals in the adult industry.

Limit One Product Per Review




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