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Interview with our Founder

Why NAASAS Was Started?

We asked Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., the founder of NAASAS about what inspired her to create it and the vision she has for its future. Here are her replies-

What made you want to start this organization?

The two big draws for me were collaboration and unity of the adult novelty industry as well as a desire to show the world that we who have careers in sexuality are not without ethics and values. The first aspect of unifying the adult novelty industry came to me years ago when I worked with Joanne Webb (the house wife that was arrested for selling two dildos to undercover narcotics officers in Texas). I kept asking myself why there was not an official educational organization where we could all go for resources on business, legal information and more for everyone in the adult novelty industry. It was hard to understand why we did not have a community where we could help one another to become more empowered and even collaborate to bring advancements to the industry.

The second aspect of wanting to start the organization was my constant amazement that in this day and age, I would still personally experience and hear of others experiencing being treated like working in the field of sexuality was some type of taboo. When I left working in a mainstream mental health hospital as a therapist, my colleagues thought I had gone off the deep end to start educating people about sexuality. Many people just thought I was throwing my career away. However, I felt compelled to continue forward as I saw this need from so many people that wanted quality advice, information and products when it came to sexuality. I have been quite successful in reaching the general public since I began my retail company in June of 2000 and over the years through my passion for education and empowering people it made sense to expand to helping other professionals.

I was also inspired by having seen so many people in the adult novelty industry who are great people on a personal and professional level being misunderstood and questioned about what kind of person would be involved in sexuality as a career. That aspect of having a career in the sexuality made me feel frustrated as I felt as though on some levels we were still in the dark ages as a society about embracing sexuality as a normal and healthy aspect of who we are as human beings. I wanted an organization to embody the spirit of the gifts that sexuality brings to our lives and to acknowledge the many great people who make their careers within it.

How does NAASAS fit in with other adult organizations?

While it's true, there are already some really great organizations that are established for the adult industry, it seems that most are focused on very specific areas; from entertainment and sex toy parties to education and therapists. I really wanted to unite everybody that deals with any aspect of the adult novelty industry so that we could share our strengths with one another.

With regard to competition, I have no intention of creating any type of competitiveness through NAASAS, in fact I want all the other established adult organizations and companies that are so fantastic and contribute so much, to work collaboratively with us. My feeling is that there needs to be a hub where we all come together so that we can become even more powerful and empowering to those we serve.

What are the upcoming goals of NAASAS?

We hope to be the teachers of teachers through our resources. The more professionals that get involved, the more creativity, strength and insights we can use to further sexuality in our society as a whole. I envision that people from all areas of the adult novelty industry will be able to offer their expertise through our educational resources from online workshops and seminars.

I am also really excited for people to share in a common vision that takes sexuality to a higher place and offers better products and resources for consumers. I see us taking the adult novelty industry out of the shadows and into the mainstream with a badge of honor; a creed that says- 'I have strong ethics and integrity and I offer something that makes this world a better place while making a great living.'

Celebrating our sexuality should be one of the joys we as humans truly embrace. Having professionals in the industry that have high standards will help people feel safer about connecting to what we have to offer as whole.

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