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The Most Common Questions Of Sex Toy Business Beginners

We have put together some commonly asked questions about our sex toy business consulting services. Please note that some of the information we provide on this site may seem overwhelming. That is why we specialize in making things easy for you to understand through our tutorials and consultations so that even if you have no experience in business or using technology you can achieve success.

If you do not find the information that you desire, feel free to contact us as we are happy to assist you.


I saw the season 3 Netflix show "Grace and Frankie" starting a sex toy business. How do I achieve something like what they were doing?

There has been some increased interest in learning how to start a sex toy business with the Netflix show Grace and Frankie. Some simply want to know if there really is a sex toy like the Vybrant Ménage à Moi or sex toy manufacturer like Purple Orchid, while others wonder how hard it would be to start their own sex toy business like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin did. The answer is that it certainly is possible to achieve but keep in mind that it is a complex business and as somewhat demonstrated in the show with issues like knockoffs and the challenges of marketing in traditional ways. So before you spend any money learn at least the basics of how the adult novelty industry works and how to best market your sex toy business through our beginners tutorial. Keep in mind, this is a highly competitive and unique type of business and we want our clients to be educated and empowered to make their sex toy business a reality.

Also, please understand that the show was not very realistic. Just one example of this is when Grace and Frankie break one of the cardinal rules of online sex toy sales when they have their company name printed on their return label in a very obvious way. Customers ordering sex toys want their products shipped discreetly and typically will not order from a company that does that. To better understand more of the fiction of the show versus reality check out this article: Why Netflix's Grace and Frankie's Sex Toy Business Would Fail


How much money does it take to start?

The answer to this is complex because it depends on what you want to do but the bare minimum is going to about $100 per month. However, instead of telling you how much it will definitely take, you need to be prepared to answer some questions first.

Below are examples of questions you need to ask yourself before you invest any money into starting your business. Please don't begin feel overwhelmed if you are unsure when reading them as we are here to help you find the right answers for you and explain to you how all of these things work-

  • Do you want to do an online business and if so do you want to create your own site, use a turn-key site or hire a web designer?

  • Will you be hiring employees to do shipping, customer service, etc., opt to do it all yourself or pay for a full service turn-key service?

  • Will you be doing sex toy parties or workshops and if so are you going to be doing them by yourself or bringing on representatives?

  • Do you want to create and market your own product(s)?

  • Are you going to opt to do shipping yourself via wholesale, opt for dropshipping or use a full service turn-key site?

  • Are you looking at opening a brick and mortar store and if so are you going to be hiring employees?

  • What kind of marketing are you going to pursue? Are you going to do free marketing through blog articles, social media and/or opt to do paid advertising through adult-friendly media options?

  • Will you need equipment, software and supplies for what you will choose to do?

There are many more questions that you will need to find the answers to in order to have a realistic and obtainable business vision and that is what we can help you with by educating you about your options. If you are not willing to start with research and getting educated about this then you are not ready to start a business. Also remember when looking at options that anyone selling you a get rich quick scheme where you do nothing but pay them a fee and sit back on a beach while drinking a margarita is lying to you and running a scam.

You have to take this seriously in order to become successful and that is what we do... we work to educate and provide industry resources to serious entrepreneurs who are willing to do what it takes to make their vision a reality.


How much money can I make?

Again, the answer to this is contingent on what you opt to do based on some of the questions above as well as how much time and the strategy you use in developing your business. Some people make a few hundred dollars a month while others make well over $50,000.00 a day. Think of this just like any business in that you will need to become educated, do your research, plan and be willing to work to make your business vision a reality.


What are the most common questions people starting ask?

We typically work with clients that are just starting out and want to explore a variety of topics. Here are just a few common questions that our clients ask-

  • I do not know where to begin, what should I focus on first?

  • What are my options for selling sex toys?

  • What are the differences between retail, wholesale, affiliate, turnkey and drop shipping sex toy companies?

  • What types of sex toys are the best-selling?

  • What is the best way to sell sex toys to customers?

  • What sales tactics work best?

  • What are the legalities of selling sex toys that I should know about?

  • Is it better to specialize in a certain niche or offer a variety of products?

  • What are the startup costs for starting a sex toy business?

  • How do I get the names of sex toy manufacturers, sex toy distributors and other related businesses?

  • What businesses will work with those in the adult industry and allow web hosting, merchant accounts, etc.

  • How do I get targeted traffic to my sex toy website?

  • What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how do I learn it?

  • How do I promote my sex toy business through social media sites?

  • Are there adult trade organizations that I can join?

  • Are there services that I can offer through my sex toy business website that will help me make more money?

  • What is the difference between a home party sex toy business and a sex toy business? Can I do both?

  • What are the best marketing strategies for a sex toy business?


Can I write my membership off as a business expense?

Yes, you can deduct this service as a business expense as it services as a business related education program. Speak to your tax preparer for more details.


Can I make a lot of money selling sex toys?

Yes, you absolutely can, but it will require smart choices, hard work and dedication to making that happen. Do NOT believe any company that promises that you will get rich quick with no work required as the old adage of it being too good to be true is correct. However, you can be very successful if you understand the best choices to make for your sex toy business vision and how to implement them.

You need to know how the adult novelty industry works and who to trust as there are many companies looking to make a quick buck off you and have no interest as to whether or not you succeed. That is why we founded our national association (NAASAS), as we believe that empowered professionals in the adult novelty industry can positively impact positive change in the field of sexuality while becoming wealthy doing it.


Is your company simply an affiliate for some of the companies you refer?

No, we have no affiliate relationships with any of the companies we recommend. We have no agenda when it comes to the companies you choose to work with; rather we will simply help you decide what type of company will work best for your sex toy business vision and tell you who our clients have had the most success using.


Do you provide content writing services?

We do not currently offer content writing for our clients, but we may be able to refer you to reputable professionals that can provide freelance writing services depending on availability of writers. We can also provide you with resources on how to find freelance writers.


Do you create websites?

We do not create websites for our clients, but we can refer you to reputable professionals that can create one for you. We can also refer you to companies where you can create your own without having skills in web design.


How can you offer help when you offer sex toys through another part of your business?

  • Our main company Holistic Wisdom, Inc. is much more than its sex toy retail store as we offer other products and services through many websites.

  • We are the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality ( and come from a place of service to others first and foremost. We appreciate that many people don't last more than 3-6 months in the adult novelty industry and understand that in order to be a more influential part of the positive evolution of the adult novelty industry we must lead by helping aspiring sex toy businesses that need help. Thus, helping sexual health professionals is a major part of the mission of our company and thus we help expand the field of sexuality through teaching both consumers and professionals.

  • There were millions of searches on Google for the key words sex toy, adult toy, and vibrator alone last month. That does not include other search engines or key words and there are many. There is plenty of room for us all; especially when you have a special niche that helps you stand out from your competition which is what we will help you develop.


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