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Adult Entertainment Industry Insights
What You Must Consider Before Getting Involved

While we focus on the adult novelty industry (sex toys), we are sometimes asked about the adult entertainment industry. The adult entertainment industry is a serious commitment and not something that anyone should take lightly. If you are exploring starting a business in the adult entertainment industry, you will need an adult entertainment lawyer to protect you. One of the best resources to find this and other related information is through owned by Alec Helmy. They are the leading source for all news in the adult industry and the best place for you to start researching.

Is It Right For You?

What we first must say to you is that if you are considering it, you must be over 18 in the USA to even contemplate it. In some countries, that is different, but for the most part, the legal age is 18. Adult Entertainment should only be an option if it is between consenting adults and is promoted in that manner. It should also provide safety to the actors to prevent them from getting STDs or other health-related problems. It is important that if you are looking for a career in Adult Entertainment, you seek out studios that will honor these things for your legal and physical protection and personal safety.

However, the most critical issue that must first be addressed is if it is right for you to do beyond chronological age. It is going to be essential to think about this choice as a life-changing career. Ensure that you do not do so impulsively and that you are confident and have confidence that this is the right decision for you. Keep in mind that ties to this industry can be linked to you forever and that once you do this even under an alias, you could be discovered by family, friends, and even an employer. If you decide to involve yourself in any erotica or porn, then remember that what you are doing is public and permanent when it comes to accessing this information, so do not take this choice lightly.

Avoiding Scams

Be careful not to fall victim to scams as there are many people posing as adult entertainment studios, adult entertainment agents, content providers and more who have some rather seedy and manipulative ways to trick you out of money, have you sign unfair contracts. You really need to read what we are telling you in this article to start thinking about how to protect yourself.

It is essential to educate yourself on the adult industry, do research and network. You cannot make it if you do not do those things. In addition, if you do not do your homework, you most likely will end up a victim of a scam, not get paid. It is imperative that you get educated about your rights and learn how to go about doing things in a manner that will protect you and help you to make it.

Where Are The Adult Entertainment Studios?

There are Adult Entertainment studios all over the world. In fact, you may be surprised at where some of the studios are located. Here are some examples-


Los Angeles, CA Las Vegas, NV New York City, NY Newark, NJ Chicago, IL
Scottsdale, AZ Portland, OR San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA
Tampa, FL Orlando, FL Miami, FL Flushing, NY Fort Lauderdale, FL


Spain Holland Australia England Mexico
Serbia Japan Switzerland Germany Canada

Types of Jobs In The Adult Industry

Erotic Dancer
Reality Performer
Sex Toy Wholesaler
Phone Sex Operator
Text Chat Sex
Adult Artists
Sex Toy Party Consultant
Sex Educator
Lingerie Model
Bookers / Dispatchers
Talent Recruiter
Sex Toy Retailer
Nude Model
Search Engine Optimization
Club Staff
Graphic Artist
Adult Writing & Editors
Customer Service
Make Up Artist
Sex Toy Tester
Camera & Video Work
Web Design

Other Adult Industry Jobs

Alternative Billing Solutions
Banking/Processing Products & Services
Broadcast & Cable Brokers
Foreign Market Brokers
Magazine & Print Publication Distributors
Video & DVD Wholesale Distributors
Ad Agencies & Graphic Design Studios
Web Designers & Developers
CGI, Animation & Visual FX
Digital Imaging & Output Services Printers
Adult Entertainment Producers
Adult Entertainment Manufacturers
Producers of Video and/or still photo content
Magazine/Book Publishers
Online/Print Media Industry
Trade Shows
Events Message Boards
Resource Sites
Home Party Services
Intimate Apparel Distributors/Wholesalers
Intimate Apparel Manufacturers
Novelty Distributors/Wholesalers
Novelty Manufacturers
Computer Software/Hardware
Display Racks and Store Supplies
Video Booths (Peeps) & Booth Repairs
Traffic Generators Hosting Companies Online Programmers and Developers Adult Verification Services (AVS) DRM Solutions Affiliate Programs including Stores VOD Services Wireless/Mobile Aggregators/Distributors Wireless/Mobile Hardware
Accounting Services
Insurance Services
Legal Services
Computer Consultants & Software (IT) Public Relations and Marketing Consultants
Health and Medical Talent & Modeling Agencies
Trade and Nonprofit Organizations
Trade Show Booths and Services
Transportation Services
Camera and Sound Equipment Rentals & Sales
Grip and Lighting Equipment Props and Wardrobe Hair and Makeup Caterers
Locations and Sets
Music Production & Services
Post Production Services
Video Duplication DVD
Authoring & Replication
Photography Services Videography Hi-Def Services


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