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Adult Novelty Business
What You Need To Consider Before You Begin

Did you know that most people fail in the first six months of starting a sex toy business? That is why you need to take the time to learn how to start a sex toy business before you start spending one dime on adult toys and other business expenses. Get educated about the services that reputable companies in the adult novelty industry offer and how to get things done quickly, easily and financially smart.

Marketing A Sex Toy Business

Marketing a sexual products company can be challenging as there are many obstacles with marketing it through mainstream sources, which often do not allow for you to market through them.Then there are adult industry marketing options that can be overtly pornographic with an emphasis on adult entertainment which in some cases do not always convert to sex toy sales well. Finally, there is the pleasure product focus in the sex-positive world where often one falls in the middle of these two marketing strategies as your business is considered adult by mainstream standards but vanilla and tame when it comes to the adult industry.

In addition, many sexually focused key terms when using pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising are highly competitive, cost a great deal of money and do not convert into sales well so how do you find a reasonable medium to advertise your business in unique niches that are cost effective and provide excellent conversion rates with loyal customers?

Successful marketing in the adult novelty industry is just one of the many professional resources that we will educate you about so that you will be successful. Achieve financial success while providing unique and excellent services and products that keep brining customers back again and again.

Examples Of What You May Need To Learn:

  • Connect with reputable sex toy manufacturers & distributors.

  • Learn how to get a sex toy website that is customized and virtually runs itself.

  • Learn how the adult industry works and must have contacts & resources.

  • Determine your target market in the field of sexuality.

  • Learn the legal issues of running a sex toy business.

  • Find out where to get education for this profession in sex toys and sexuality.

  • Get contacts for companies that will work with adult retail businesses.

  • Get your customers coming back for repeat sexual product sales.

  • Learn how to give a sex toy party.

  • Learn how to start your own sex toy party business.

  • Explore how to start a sex toy store.

  • Get educated about sex toys and how to best sell them.

  • Learn how to get free advertising for an adult business.

  • Understand how to increase profits from the sales of adult toys.

  • Find out ways to create a niche in the competitive sex toy industry.

  • Find out what customers really want in sexual products.

  • Learn what it takes to manufacturer sex toys.

  • Discover the best sex toy turnkey websites (white label sites) and how to market one.

  • Learn who makes the best sex toys and why.

  • Understand the social clicks in adult industry and how to effectively work within it.

  • Learn how to avoid business scams in the adult industry.

  • Learn if an in-house photographer for sexual products is worth your money.

  • Determine a review process for adding worthwhile products.

  • Explore conversion rates for different adult marketing options.

  • Find ways to advertise in the mainstream media.

  • Learn about the importance of a good disclaimer & privacy policy.

  • Learn how to effectively market via email without spamming.

  • Determine if going to adult trade shows is worth doing.

  • Avoid getting banned, blacklisted or sued in the adult novelty industry.


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