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Adult Business PR
Adult Novelty: Press & Public Relations Helping You Market Your Website

When it comes to marketing your new or existing adult business you are going to need to become educated about what resources you will need no matter if you do all of your own PR or if you hire a PR firm that specializes in the adult industry and sexuality.

  • Adult Press Releases
  • Adult Brand Development
  • Celebrity & Influencer Endorsements
  • Adult Press Kits

It is important to understand how to market yourself in both the adult industry and in mainstream media. Whether you are simply creating social media posts or approaching media outlets you need to be prepared because once you submit something publicly it becomes a permanent record of your business image.

  • Your Pitch: Making It Compelling & Memorable

  • News Hooks: Your Business Blended With Current Events

  • Positive Messages: How You Are Improving People's Lives

  • Expert Branding: Creating A Solid Reputation For Your Business

  • Visual Media: Creating Videos of Interviews or Product Displays

  • Writing Samples: Pitches For Articles, Interviews & Other Media

  • Interviews: How To Get & Give Them

  • Press Releases: How, When & Where To Do Them

  • Endorsements: Professional & Customer Reviews

  • Key Messages: Targeted Objectives Of Your Business


What You Need To Know

Whether you are starting a sex toy business or looking for a way to increase marketing your existing adult novelty business you are going to want to get publicity both paid and earned. So what is the difference between the two?

Paid publicity is when you simply pay for advertising; whereas PR (whether it is done through you or a PR firm) creates what is known as a third-party endorsement and is considered earned publicity. It simply means the media has researched or interviewed you and your company has been verified as the legitimate brand you claim it to be. This means that when Good Morning America interviews you as an expert or business leader, consumers as well as other media outlets see you as the real deal.

Paid publicity is something that you can control as you are paying for it and can ensure that what is presented is just the way you want it to be seen. However, earned media publicity is not something that you have the luxury of controlling so it is very important that you understand how to present yourself and your business to ensure that you are putting forth the best information to represent your company. You need to be prepared for controversial topics, adversarial questioning and even negative press.

Branding your company is essentially creating a reputation to let consumers know it is one they can trust. Credibility is especially important in the adult industry because it is already difficult for many consumers to trust any business in the field of sex. We can help you make your business messages bulletproof when it comes to media scrutiny as it is important that your company have a stellar image in the highly competitive adult industry.

Common Image Problems Adult Businesses Face

  • Bad reputations of all adult businesses stemmed from seedy porn sites that use malware and viruses to violate privacy and financial information.

  • The social stigma of sex and the concerns of ethics and morals of those who run such businesses.

  • Concerns of privacy from discreet shipping and billing to email spamming and junk mail with sexually explicit materials.

  • Health concerns, poorly made products and the possibility of receiving used sex toys.

Overcoming such negative perceptions that are already in place can be challenging for many adult businesses and it is why sex toy companies that want to tackle mainstream media for marketing have to be especially careful in how they brand themselves, market their sex experts, sexual products and other aspects of their business.

Branding As An Expert or Valuable Resources

When creating a sex toy business you have to decide if you are going to present a spokesperson(s) within your company as a sex expert or if you are going to present the company as the resource that offers sexual expertise. Once you have decided how and if you want to present sexual education for consumers then you will need to determine how to achieve that expertise and how to present it.

It is important that you do so properly and avoid some of the common mistakes that newbies make such as:

  • Inadvertently practicing medicine without a license by giving direct health advice.

  • Copy and pasting content from other sites that not only violates copyright laws but will get you banned from the search engines for posting duplicate content in the internet.

  • Making illegal claims about products.

  • Advertising products that are violating patents from other manufacturers.

You will need to develop proper, consumer focused, adult, sexual education so that you achieve a successful image for your business. Presenting as an expert in the area of sexuality that you are specializing in will give your company meaningful content and substance and show it as a valuable sexual health resource. This will help you stand out when it comes to marketing your niche within the adult novelty industry which in turn is a sure way to achieve long-term success.


Learn How To Do Interviews

Remember that giving an interview does NOT mean that you are making a friend or that you are having a simple conversation with a journalist; you are talking to potentially millions of people. The reality is that 'off the record' is not always respected and it is always a good idea to request pre-approval of the finished article if you are giving an interview that will be written. Getting quoted out of context, giving sensitive information and naming competitors are all examples of things that can all hurt your business. Understanding how to avoid things like repeating reporter's questions and using their wording or being led into an area of discussion that you do not want to address is important.

Getting your own message out in the way that you want is a skill and something that will be important for you to master. Having pre-made quotes that are planned out ahead, knowing what you are willing to say and how to say it are all ways for you to be prepared for media exposure.

PR For Sex Toy Businesses

Approaches such as press releases are valuable but in this ever-changing technological world of marketing it is also important to understand what resources you can use to get your company information out there such as tapping into industry analysts, bloggers and journalists who are looking for experts and information, using social media and creating newsworthy content on your site or blogs.

Startup sex toy companies in the adult industry will need to address following key points when addressing their consumers and when interacting with the media:

  • What is your story and mission?

  • What problems do your sexual products solve?

  • How is your sex toy business different than other adult novelty competition?

  • Who should buy your adult products and why should they buy them?

  • Have you done your research? What proof do you have that your products are worth buying?

When you need help navigating how to best market your adult retail business whether it is for an online, brick-and-mortar sex toy shop or sex toy party plan company we can provide you with the education and resources you need to make your adult business vision a successful one.

Using a professional PR company that specializes in the adult industry may be ideal for your company as it is always a good idea to work with those who understand the special hurdles that adult businesses have to overcome in marketing.


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