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Apprentice Benefits
Apprentice NAASAS Members

This membership is for those individuals who are students and aspiring professionals. If you already have an established practice or business you will need to join as a Professional or Executive member.

Please read and apply to be a NAASAS member BEFORE you attempt to sign up for the members only social network.

An Apprentice Membership includes access to all of our amazing business resources including business directories, academic resources, workshops, webinars, consulting services and our private, exclusive member social network.

NAASAS provides a free private social network for members and it is the perfect place for professionals to advertise their educational services and events to students and aspiring professionals. You can promote your business through blogs, links and even create groups for people to interact with you and follow you on the network.

Please note that only Professional and Executive Members can advertise their services on our main public website

How to Get Started on the Private NAASAS Social Network-

Once you have paid your recurring annual membership fee, and joined the NAASAS social network, you can post whatever educational events and services that meet our educational service guidelines using any of the NAASAS social network features outlined below-

Step 1:
Pay for Annual Membership

Step 2:
Create You Membership Profile and
Join Our Social Network

FREE Services with NAASAS Membership-

Personalized Profiles

  • Members are able to design their own profiles and upload videos, blogs and profiles.
  • Adjust their privacy settings.
  • Enjoy features including walls, activity feeds and the ability to search other members using multiple criteria.
  • Privacy of member profiles can be easily customized.
  • Members have the option of designing their own profiles on our adult industry social network.

Easy Messaging

  • Messages can be sent to multiple members at the same time.
  • Messages can be sent to members of specific subgroups and events.

Sub Groups

  • Public or private subgroups can be created by members.
  • Members can share photos, videos and discussions within groups.

Promoting Events

  • Our sexual health professional and adult novelty industry social network can be an excellent platform for organizing and promoting events.
  • Members and subgroups have the option of making an event public or private.
  • People can then mark their attendance, write on the wall and upload photos.

Text and Video Chat

  • A cool chat bar sits at the base of the network allowing for real-time chat.
  • Video chats can be started with high-quality webcam support.


  • Members can debate hot topics in specially created forums and post video and photos as part of their replies through our field of sexuality and adult novelty industry social network.
  • Participants are notified of any new responses by email.
  • What's more, groups are able to keep their own forums private.
  • Participants can follow discussion topics, receiving email alerts when someone responds.
  • Groups can have their own private forums within them.
  • Members can embed YouTube videos and photos into their responses.


  • Members can post blog entries to their own profile page, complete with any photos, videos, content from YouTube and so on.
  • Every member gets their own blog.
  • Members can embed videos and photos into their blogs.
  • Members can embed YouTube videos and photos into their responses.

Photo and Video Sharing

  • Members can add photos to multiple public or private albums.


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